Marketing Strategy Premier Packages include a combination of the following services or a al carte. This premium package includes a combination of our services everything from setting up your business branding strategy, partnerships. Hiring and training an in house marketing person are options as well.



+ BUSINESS Development

Oversee and manage all aspects of business from branding, advertising, marketing and operations. Identifying new markets for products and services.


Available Marketing Mentoring packages from executives to interns. We recommend and offer company marketing mentoring for your team to fully adopt, enhance and continue your company’s vision, we will always be there for you in the short and long term but this gives your team the confidence to contribute more growth. We believe you will see results when your team has a basic knowledge and excitement of the marketing culture you’ve put in place. This can also include revamping a department in your business that needs a little love.


Let us create a custom event for your company or infuse an existing event with new creative ways to help exceed past years. From sponsorship, ticket sales and onsite activation Refine can create the event you’ve always wanted to throw or pictured growing to new


Is your competition doing an incredible job with videos, blogs, event outreach, linkbait, widgets or community building? We identify their tactics, potential service providers and action alerts that you can start implementing to shake their hold on your industry. From there you can take over or enlist us to do the rest.


Businesses including Refine are recognizing the importance of community involvement and having a strong community vision. Whether you are a new business in the community or looking to renew your presence in the community we will get the introductions to the non profit you want to align your business with, get your company exposure thru sponsorships or create a strategy for long term community involvement from small for corporate donations.




Social media is the voice of your brand and should be embraced as the fastest way to connect with the consumer. One of our strengths is to help you identify your brand voice and create innovative ways to stand apart from the competition in the growing sea of average social media. From creating a social media strategy from selecting which channels you should be present on to managing all your social media platforms for you, paid advertising schedules we align your brand to your social media voice.


We will identify the social networks where you should be participating and where people are talking about you and your industry. We’ll also help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors and leverage the two-way conversation.


This form of advertising is rising in popularity in large part due to its audience reach, click & order volume and unique targeting capabilities beyond location, age and interests. For example, you can target fans of your brand, their friends, broad interest categories and even use keywords from people's’ feeds to target your ads to a specific audience. We can help you assess if social media advertising makes sense for your brand and determine how it will help you improve conversion channels and drive order volume.




We’ll outline which communities are worth monitoring, what the competition is doing and how you can naturally enter these communities and form relationships. This strategy document will also show you how to identify the important conversations in your industry and when, how and whom to reach out to.

+ COMMUNITY Relationships

Build community partnerships that are important to you to strengthen your brand.